Magnificent Ex-Hacienda Del Carmen on Approx. 44.5 Acres/18 Hectareas

Magnificent Ex-Hacienda Del Carmen on Approx. 44.5 Acres/18 Hectareas
$900,000 USD

Mineral de Pozos
Approx. 44.5 Acres/18 Hectareas


Wow: talk about an exceptional opportunity! This is a unique chance to own one of the “big four” historic mines in Mineral de Pozos. And it is the only one on the market. Hacienda Del Carmen, which produced gold, silver, zinc, copper and many other minerals, was the last mine operating in Pozos. It was not abandoned until 1935, so many of its structures are better preserved than others in the area. These extensive ruins are in a compound that includes the hacienda owner’s home plus mine works, processing plants, warehouses, mill, offices, etc.; all representative of Pozos’s colorful glory days. Pozos is both a national historical monument and Mexico’s newest “Pueblo Magico,” meaning it’s slated for improved infrastructure and promotion as a tourist destination.

A walk through the land and ruins of Hacienda Del Carmen evokes the rich history of the region arching across centuries from being a source of silver for the local Chicimeca peoples, to an important colonial mining area, to the Mexican Revolution and the Christeros wars.

With 360-degree mountain views, it sits on a hilltop overlooking lush agricultural valleys and its proximity to famous St. Brigida offers a view of its iconic “Tres Hornos” smelting ovens built by the Jesuits in the mid 1500s. It’s on the outskirts of Pozos, with frontage roads on two sides and ability to access city water and electricity.

  • Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
  • Rare historic property
  • Many important mine ruins
  • Spectacular views
  • Close to Pozos
  • Availability of city water and electric
  • Frontage Roads