Our mantra at Montana Realty is “We Listen.”

It is our policy to show prospective buyers every property with in a stated price range and list of requirements and “nada mas”, nothing more, unless of course more it is requested. We know your time is valuable and often limited when visiting Pozos, so we strive to help you make the best of it.

In the event it is decided to make an offer on a property, Montana Realty arranges and accompanies the buyer and seller to an appointment with a trusted and professional notario, where a contract will be written. A notario, the equivalent of a lawyer in the USA, is a neutral party, registered and designated by the Mexican government to function as the facilitator and preparer of a legal and official document allowing the transfer of property. The notario will make certain that all aspects of the contract are correct and written to your specifications, and provide a translator when and if necessary. Montana Realty will advocate on your behalf in these proceedings.

We also always accompany buyers to the closing. It is important to note that non-Mexican nationals are required to secure a permit to purchase property in Mexico. This process also is handled by the notario with aid from Montana Realty. However, this process does not usually detain actual closing and approval of a sale.

Montana Realty is associated with a number of architects and builders who can be readily recommended according to the needs of the client as well as referrals, upon request to many satisfied customers.